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"What does it take to realize, Satan's alive, he whispers
And any chance he get, he can take niggas
He comes in all shapes and sizes, his best disguise is
When he stand beside us, but God is inside us, within me
You are your worst enemy, my mom's words echo in my head
And if I let go I'm dead
Each step that my daughter takes motivates my spirit
An out of body experience, so now I feel it
Looking at my blessings, the bullets, that missed me could of hit me
Them court cases could of put me in the penitentiary
I never hate, that's just wasted energy
The past is gone, the present's a gift, so what's the mystery?
The future, and time only reveals, what fear is
False expectations, appearing real
We only human, love thy neighbor, so I was told
And I will til permanently, my eyes are closed".

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