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jayrob drunken mastajayrob drunken masta

Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
What a faggit..go fuck yourself ...the fuck is a jayrob..simp ass spine jelly..yeah, it's gay for a man to like pussy right? Bet u the same kinda piece of shit who kisses women's asses like the simp little maggot you are and gets played by them..the same kinda limp wristed faggit who prolly buys pussy then wants to come on the Corp and school cats on moral ethic..get the fuck outta here you crab, don't nobody give a fuck about your moral high ground..lmao...I swear some of you pieces of shit crack me up..fucking simp
a jayrob is short 4 jason tell me wats a radioactive man' lol i write shit on here hi on drugs so to effend...PEACE.
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