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Originally Posted by rakimkoolgrapwutang View Post
so u neg repped me cuz i thought gza was the best yet ur saying stuff like this. hahahaha. raekwons whole career is basicly just other people carrying him as he cruises along. a gr8 example is ob4cl. raekwon was the least lyrical on every song. ghostface rza beats and guests completely saved raes ass on that album. his whole career is basicly ghost helping him or else the album suffers. he only ever did gr8 lyrically throughout 1 album and that album was 'immobilarity'.

'great dialect' LMFAO

choice of words are superb' LMFAO
You can't deny that Rae is a very talented MC though. His slang is crazy and his flow is machine gun like. Great unique voice too and he always has a great energetic delivery. He is on the top tier for storytelling in the Clan as well.
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