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Fuck your respect
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Obey shaolin monk

Whassup haters? Blow me, there's no faker MCs
this goes out to everyone at hofd
Your case is empty face it homie
I can tell you're trash cus trolling with pics has been played since `03
Just lazy phonies, shouldn't been birthed yo
Couldn't handle the heat like my shits inferno
I've fucked chicks in Peugeot, yours got stripped & searched though
but only time anyone here get a wow is from a bitch called KERZO
You spit a dirt flow you're soon dead
you cycle failure as dudes creds hit goose necks
All your crew said my shit don't stink they call it Brut strength
Ill throw one to your face & you wont have a single tooth left
You're a douche? Yep. You're nice? Nope
get my knife soaked no wifey wants a broke guy
So, you better get a tight oath
`cus sleeping with your girls that easy I can do it with my eyes closed
Smash your hype slow, I'll spit on graves
I'm on a mission stripping trippers Mrs. and throw them on my dick today
Save it son put your fists away
even if you did the wrong thing you still couldn't fuckin` diss obey
Originally Posted by Big L
I'm undefeated that's the stone truth
Cause battlin' me is like fightin' a gorilla in a phone booth
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