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Originally Posted by shaolinsword View Post
Don't expect too much from ng3, its pretty poor compared to the rest
damn... gameplay- or storyline wise?? i got nothing but LOVE for the 1st and 2nd NG, the 2nd being my fav. Weapons, combo's and storyline! I'm an old head tho' used to game NG on the sega, still got that shit packed away somewhere.

yo the cover and everything looked promising tho'. thought they would take the game to a whole new level with the 3rd. LOL..

Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
Enchanted, golden abyss for ps vita
how would you rate the Vita vs. the psp?.. Still rocking the psp & tactic games like "Tactics Ogre".. fun game, graphics is like some 90's shit. haha.
Been thinking bout gettin' the Vita!
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