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Originally Posted by THE MASON View Post
all those albums are great. it bothers man when people say there was a decline in material. shits redundant

no its not the bitter cold albums of the early 90s but like Grave pointed out they reached a more modern sound with those albums. all of em are well executed, sure some have flaws but what albums dont?

you can nitpick all day but in the end its still a lot of great music to listen too. so i didint vote cause i enjoy all those albums for different reasons.

but why has no one mentioned Nigga Please? that shit got some of Dirtys best material imo're a fan of Nigga Please eh? What are your favorite tracks from it? Least favorite?

Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
Ok I'll explain why I love beneath the's like this..liquid swords was a gritty classic album on vintage wu esque beats..the playing field was built in a way that Gza would come out on top no matter what, it's one of those albums u hear and u think to yourself..can't he top that..can he keep me Interested after this? Then came BTS which is actually the total opposite of liquid swords sound's more crisp with more modern quality and a different lane from what u were used to hearing from Gza and he executed the album with might, the album was well done..skits, features, the length..not too long..not too short...every track carried bars and flows u could repeat for days and not get tired, the arrangement of the album was in a way where it got better with the listen, it was the perfect mordern wutang album but MOST IMPORTANTLY, GZA threw in that track mic tripping...a track I played so much I prolly was rapping it in my sleep..easily one of the greatest tracks ever recorded to me...flow...lyrics, impeccable
Great explanation! Now I'm gonna have to go listen to it, haha! What did you think of Legend of LS btw? I almost think GZA was at the top of his game on Legend.
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