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Not his best...shit not even Top 5 but I still love it

Live wire brigade, razor blade attire, we raid
Space invade, blaze the haze before we sever the stage
I'm never afraid, mainly concerned of others outcome
Like Ak-nel the glock shells, we put 'em in ya mouth son
What we not about, one - games not excuses
Further reference, tighten up the loosen for steppin
Keep ya mind on ya money, not mine, nuttin funny
No smiles, leave you sunny side up, nose runny
Not snot neither, ER screamin 'we got a bleeder'
Doc need a mop, to clean up the spot when the receive ya
Not a hardrock, but a rockhard, and niggaz love that
You see me in the streets, it's all love, I give the love back
"When it come to this ish here/y'all about to sit there/soon to rock thaat robe, crouched in a big chair/studded up crown with 40-below wrist wear/prove y'all clowns couldn't uf wit the flow, this here"
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