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Originally Posted by D.projectile View Post

altho i love the idea of falling in love with a beautiful lady consequently lightening n purifying the heart while dam near worshiping her...magikal
dayum u read mah mind!!!!!

worshipping a divine female can only lead you to not nessesarily advocating worshipping a female but if you worship the right one you will be blessed beyond belief....

the older eye get eye cee that 17 is queen/knowledge God because the new world age aquarian knowledge of God is that God is more female than male....what eye mean is the spirit realm is Yin and the physical universe is Yang....thats why God of scripture has been male...but the spirit realm is what sustains the physical universe and thus rules you can cee eye won't be making a trip to Allah School anytime soon...LOL

seriously....if women ruled the planet eye think shit would be infinitely much better....
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