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I’ma pull out all tha stops, All Hallowed hollow tips flip when my pen spits at every ninja in attendance / Twisted, ‘n’ also I’m Scientific / my methods are controlled like substances that get sniffed / calculate how I get hearts to palpitate quick / twin semis empty clips ‘n’ I spark spliffs big as deciduous forests / ruffneck with machete raps ‘n’ a disassembled M-1 in my backpack / plus my pocket’s got a deuce-fifth cocked ready to split a noggin / discombobulate your spinal column, vinyl viral, surrounded by crackers that’s “sieg heil’d” out / ignorance only advances if I allow it / me to verse is like Danzig to Satanics / carburetors to mechanics, tha Bermuda Triangle to tha Lost Continent of Atlantis / hoochies’ panties dampen when they note me post like a lamp…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
Spitting over phone from prison -Gretzky
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