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Originally Posted by D.projectile View Post
chickpeas r da shit..never had em sprouted..must b bangin

i dont really hit potatoes much tho..must be down to laziness..butternut squash is a better alternative tho
hell mothafuckin yay-yah!!!! takes about 3 days to sprout them mothafuckas...but once they grow that one inch tail its on like donkey kong...toss a couple a avocado's in there...throw your seasoning in there...

eye think the best potato to fuck wit would be sweet potato' can also juice em

but yeah...eye don't really trust Dr. Sebi....eye remember he was sue-ing michael jackson for a crazy amount of 300 grand or sum shit and om thinkin like dayum...holistic healing don't cost that just seemed like he was tryin 2 milk da fuck out of MJ's bank account....

om sayin....all eye need to help someone cure themselves of cancer is for them to have a place to live with a bath tub....and maybe like 2000 dollars a month and it would go down....
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