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Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
That is so stupid, I'm not gonna talk lovingly to my hamburger.
thats cute...

yeah eye think you missed da point

a hamburger is DEAD....DEAD DEAD DEAD

so yeah it would be stupid to talk lovingly to a hamburger cuz you sure didn't love that fuckin cow that got kilt...

furthermore it would be stupid to eat a hamburger......

the point of the article is that FRUITS AND VEGETABLES are ALIVE and when you talk to them and explain to them whats about to happen they will WORK WITH YOU and will be happy be digested by you....whereas if you just start cutting the produce up the produce is gonna be all scared and confused like "what the fuck is happening here"

thats why before you prepare or consume plant life you should first ask its permission to be consumed and then explain to it whats about to happen...

or when you in the woods picking herbs you carress the plant and send it loving energy and then ax permission if you can pick it...if you don't the woods might not let you leave alive

so basically cleve backster showed and proved whut om saying is da troof
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