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Originally Posted by check two View Post
What if this happens though?

very entertaining!!!

yeah da bitch didn't send loving energy to the fruits and plus she was full of da bitch had a fuckin potroast in the fridge which means she got that death aura up in her body....not to mention the bullshit ass beer's in her fridge...

plants always give me permission to consume them....cuz they know mah mission in life is to murder every wicked human being on the planet which will ensure that plants grow in abundance

they be like "hell yeah us all you want cuz we know you gonna slaughter all these wicked mothafuckas"!!!!

here's an excerpt from an interview with Cleve Backster...

"Then at thirteen minutes, fifty-five seconds chart time, the imagery entered my mind of burning the leaf I was testing. I didn’t verbalize, I didn’t touch the plant, I didn’t touch the equipment. The only new thing that could have been a stimulus for the plant was the mental image. Yet the plant went wild. The pen jumped right off the top of the chart.
I went into the next office to get matches from my secretary’s desk, and lighting one, made a few feeble passes at a neighboring leaf. I realized, though, that I was already seeing such a saturation of reaction that more change wouldn’t be noticeable anyway. So I tried a different approach: I removed the threat by taking the matches back to the secretary’s desk. The plant calmed right back down."

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