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Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
well next time don't post up shit that completely shits on your own arguement are the ultimate bullshitter

the video you posted up shows that if a bullshitting ass sarchastic 6 ouncer tells a plant it loves it the plant will die....LOL
lol episode 23 basicly showed this

"To give the myth a fighting chance of flourishing, the team charted the plants' growth over 60 days. Afterward, the MythBusters determined the winning greenhouse by comparing plant masses from the three groups. To their surprise, the silent greenhouse performed poorest, producing lower biomass and smaller pea pods than the other two. Although there was no difference in plant quality between the nice greenhouse and the mean greenhouse, the soundtracks seemed to produce a positive effect in both"

so please tell me how shits on my arguement
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I wonder if she has cancer because women that are bald headed usually have cancer.

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