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Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
yes we all know you can go on forever using big words and saying a whole bunch of nothing oh sex slave of da big headed scientist trying to make up for the fact that you are spiritually inadaquate...your spirit body gotta tiny penis so you purchase big intellectual automobiles to make up for it...LOL
i dont believe in mind-body dualism and i wasnt using big words.

lets be more specific Mr. sex has been dismissed by the EUROCENTRIC
correction not eurocentric but worldwide
scientific community...personally eye TRY to mainly go by FIRST HAND scientific other words science expurrrrriments eye have witnessed personally...not sum second, third, forth, fifth (etc) hand parroting of shit that you and your kind do
you havent witnessed backsters "experiments" which were carried out in the 60s and i doubt you tried the experiments urself using a polygraph so u didnt witness the plant experiments personally
Quote: are a scientific hack...
im a scientific hack because i believe experiments should include control experiments?

your eurocentric
scientific community dismisses the statement "HIV is not the cause of AIDS"
yes HIV is the cause of AIDS would u like to show otherwise a
nd they use this psuedo-science to murder people all over the planet...
show how this is pseudoscience and that the belief that HIV causes AIDS can murder people
cee thats the problem with you eurocentric
Quote: use your psuedoscience to inflict misery on humans, animals,
show and prove
plants, rocks
these things dont feel misery
and whatever else....and its quite sickening...the good news is enlightened people
do u mean people who talk to vegetables and talk to wild herbs
have ceen the results of trusting you eurocentric
scientists and we not believing your shit anymore...we cee whats the result of trusting you and we not widdit
what is the result of trusting professional scientists
...your rule of the planet earth ended in with it...
the scientific community never ruled the world
in the meantime keep on parroting your college teachers and continue to be UNORIGINAL....
i never learnt about backster from my teachers and im still in high school im not in college/university and being original doesnt mean ur any more correct. i thought we were dealing with truth not originality
you might get applause from people who have sexual fantasies about Knowcheeze sticking produce in his asshole
they probably think im sad for explaining to you how talking to plants is a ludicrous idea
but to the civilized world you are a joke!!!!!
no im not
why did u say peace

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