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Originally Posted by Rob Swanson View Post
I fully acknowledge the day to day threats out there, and I'd never want to give up my pistol.

In the last 3 years.. My sister had a home invasion, my best friend and his girl friend + family had a meth-head mechanic threaten to kill them in their sleep, and some guy i watch football with was robbed at gun point a couple weeks ago.
I understand your need for feeling secure, for you and for your fam's sake - you don't have to make an excuse for yourself, do what you gotta do man! It's a crazy world out there. I ain't gonna sit here lying, saying ive never owned shit myself.. luckily i sold that shit again a few years back, or else i would be in the pin right now for murder. Because some motherfucking pedo was after my lil' sis (not once but twice), and i'd gladly put a bullet to his kneecaps and last to the dome. He is nowhere to be found now tho'.
I won't go into details concerning other things in my life! But just like you, i want to protect my fam.
It's a delicate matter, and real talk, i DO understand you! I ain't gonna front or anything!
I just wish there could be another way than being strapped, to secure safety for our loved ones.
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