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Park shaolin monk

There is a great amount of beats on here that were from the time Bronze was Half Entity. I'm just happy he finally used them.
Which ones?!?

Originally Posted by GhostlyRaes View Post
And i fuck wit silver rings and butter knives hard but after hearing school for the blind man, kevlaars shit and now this phillie album i gotta say im shocked bronze and rae have only connected once.".
Agreed. I'd venture to say its about the artists being picky over beats rather than Bronze n Cilva not having shown them these fire beats.

Originally Posted by GhostlyRaes View Post
Bronze seems to want to be a wu affiliate so bad".
Y do you say this? Bronze IS an official Wu Affilite. And he has his own style IMO. I dont see hi as one of those wanna be guys throwin the W everywhere. I've noticed he doesn't even really shout Wu anymore, is it just me?
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