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Originally Posted by spiggity_ace View Post
riff raff can spit, listen to his verse on bird on a wire

and that joint with keef is sooooo sick i love the way riff starts that off

"holograms on my hand gave me a tan wrist
diamonds dancin on my fist look like a blank disk""
ur actually right. i didnt realise at first but he did explanations here and some of them are pretty witty

"I should have played ball for the Houston Cougars"-I can play basketball so well that i could have played at the division 1 University of Houston and the mascot is the Cougar, I have sex with older women sometimes aka “Cougars” and i spend alot of money so i “Ball”

"When they say they don't know me? It's hamstring burglary"-If someone says they dont know RiFF RaFF they are lying aka Joking aka “Pulling My Leg” aka a hamstring is located on the thigh area of the leg region and a burglar takes so not only are you pulling someones leg but you are lying so hard that it is the equivalent to taking the hamstring of a Clydesdale horse

"Phoenix Suns confessions, I shoot shots like Van Exel"-ball out in Phoenix and im hot so aka Phoenix suns confessions .. i shoot shots like Nick van exel a former NBA player aka i gamble and a jump shot in a basketball game is equal to dropping 50,000 on a poker game in las vegas for example or even paying $10,000 on a beautiful girl hoping that you will have sex with her aka “take a shot at it ”

"When tennis balls hit the fence I serve 8 balls like Andre Agassi"-when a tennis ball hits the fence you walk over and pick it up in this case im saying that while im playing tennis at tennis practice that im selling aka “Serving” an 8 ball sized ball of cocaine thru the fence similar to how Andre Agassi serves a tennis ball in a tennis match

true a lot of his lyrics are just him being purposefully abstract so people dont know what hes on about but hes got lyrical skills

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