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Originally Posted by main_man View Post
i suppose.
guns have been present my entire life.

so i know its better to have one & not need it, than to need one & not have it.

and even though i am pro gun ownership, i do not really like them as weapons.
they can turn the softest punk ass into a mass murderer.
but these new "gun laws" they have come up with are not solutions to ANY of these mass shooting problems we're having. they seem to have other agendas in mind.

mental heath screenings when purchasing legal firearms seems to be a little more rational. if somebody lives with a person thats bat shit crazy should also be a factor when selling a gun also.

armed security in schools could be a new program that might not only help stop another coward from using a school as a target, but it can also be a program that brings new jobs to this country.

but what the fuck do i know, im just another retard on the internet.
You got a good point, especially in American society.
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