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Well... I have to admit that I cannot even be bothered to watch the video....
That being said, it's funny that this is coming up right now, because i just finished writing some scripts to analyze the database over at There may be some bugs in the code yet (so treat with care), but it looks as if Meth was - after all - one of the most productive out of the clan (at least as far as transcripted verses go). Here is the number of total bars for each of the 10 clan members:

Rae 8746
Ghost 7414
Meth 6143
RZA 5546
Deck 5239
Cap 3909
GZA 3711
OSB 3325
U-God 2989
MK 1816

Moreover, Meth has probably been touring the most over the last two decades. I agree that he is somewhat boring on wax(!) nowadays, and he certainly seems to be unable to finish albums - but that may have other/additional reasons than him being lazy/a stoner!

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