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vent my pent up vendettas, my pen’s tha trendsetter / impetuous thought pierce your bubble goose feather / shed tha light upon you lepers like tha Book of Esther, blood seepin’ thru your sweatshirt ‘n’ upper vestures / leakin’ all over your Skechers / Science, tha rhyme peddler, writin’ an epic verse / Hannibal Lector gestures / invade your clique like European settlers / if there’s 1 word to describe what’s crackin’ it’s the “F” word / my hector’s fresher than 16 measures 'n' all y’all hefers is beggars next to my Hugh Hefner steez / I breathe trees ‘n’ breed creeds ‘n’ still you a talentless MC / aqui, I still get tha middle finger for ya / approach with your sword up prepared for war, ya get your vocal cords cut / extort rap for its Forbes 400 / you ducks all suck dick ‘n’ walk with it tucked in / hearts plummet into stomachs ‘n’ exit bellybuttons when I rush in / mere hatred don’t do what I emote fair justice / fanfare is heard before my nuts busted / submit sonnets ‘n’ poetic darts before they’re published ‘n’ cut myself just to feel cuz my life is loveless…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
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