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One of if not my favourite album of all time.

When Doggystyle came out I always preffered it over this, but the last few years it has changed around. I still listen to the Chronic to this day, where as I never listen to Doggystyle now.

2001 was a let down in my view. Just too polished, soft and comercial and not many decent rhymes either.

Death Row was what got me into hip hop so I can remeber alot about the anticipation for the follow up to this in '96 The Chronic 2. Especially after buying All eyez on me and seeing it advertised as coming soon on Death Row.

I have been reading abit about this lately in various books. After Doggystyle Snoop and Dre started to seperate abit with Snoop sticking with Daz, Kurupt and Nate, Etc. While Dre wanted to move in a new direction with The Chronic 2: Popas got a brand new funk. Working with new artist like J-Flexx and Sam Sneed. He wanted to come totally fresh again with more new talent.
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