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Default Buddha monk-the dark knight 2/19/13

Not sure if anything about this release has been posted.

Featured on this outing are artists like Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Frukwan, (Gravediggaz/Stetsasonic), Darkim Be Allah (Wu-Tang), 12 0' Clock (Wu-Tang) K-Blunt (Zu-Ninjaz), Drunken Dragon (Da Manchuz), Layza Life (Da Manchuz), Menace O.B.E.Z. (Brooklyn Zu Fam), Black Jesus (Wu-Tang Harlem 6 / Gangstarr Foundation), Popa Chief (Zu Ninjaz), Murdoc (Brooklyn Zu), Silk Ski (Brooklyn Zu), Malik aka Mark Dee (Soul Kid Klik), GNote$ aka Spiritual Assassin (Da Manchuz), and others.

Song Title
1. All Out War
featuring Bobbie Khan
2. Secrets
3. Dark Night in the City
featuring K Blunt; Drunken Dragon (of Da Manchuz); Layza Life
4. It's BK Beat Up
featuring Menace OBEZ; Six Sence
5. Pop This Year
featuring Crise; Frukwan (of Gravediggaz)
6. Smash the Dark Knight
featuring Judah Priest; Darkim Be Allah; Sadat X (of Brand Nubian)
7. Cats Dont Want it with Us
featuring Black Jesus; Dust Storm
8. We Back
featuring Da Manchuz
9. U Don't Want to See Me
featuring Skitzo Flow
10. We Ain't Fuckin Witcha
11. We Don't Like Them
featuring Black Venom; Mustafa; Adyl
12. Change Now Comin
13. Get with This
featuring Bobbie Khan
14. We dem Brooklyn Dudes
featuring 12 O'Clock (of Brooklyn Zu), Popa Chie); Murdoc (of Brooklyn Zu); Silk Ski
15. I'm a do Fine by Me
16. We Roll in Brooklyn Remix
featuring Malik; G-Note$; Layza Life; Drunken Dragon (of Da Manchuz)
17. The Caper
18. Young Rich and Paid
featuring Crise
19. Art of War Part 2

S.A.M. the 5th Disciple

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