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the first one is 28. in each row the 4th number divided by the 3rd number is equal to the 1st number minus the second umber.

next one is 8. product of the left hand numbers minus the sum of the right hand numbers.

5y plus 1 because an odd number multiplied by 5 will end in 5 and adding 1 will make it end in 6.

top left shape because the left shape on the top row moves to the right on the bottom row. top shapes arent colored in. bottom ones are.

middle answer because the top circle moves to the bottom.

418 because its not a multiple of 3.

10 u divide each number by 7.5

im stuck on the next one

i'll give up on the next 1 as well

84 because the 4th box is a multiple of the 3rd box

i'll skip the next one as well

the last one is 5 follow the line from the bigger number to the smaller one and use the formula y=(x-3)divided by 4

im pretty sure i was over the limit. theyre very difficult. i noticed u did them very fast or else just skipped most of them. u had 3 seconds between some questions.
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