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Meth keeps blaming the listeners for him not wanting to waste his time on stuff. He's definitely not a true artist with this attitude. A true artist just needs to get shit out regardless, always experimenting with . like whether you like them or not warcloud and canibus are good examples. They just got that hunger to keep writing and recording. Meth on the other hand doesn't but he blames the listeners, why? I tell you why cos he wants mainstream respect like how Kanye or Lil Wayne are known or Busta, this is fair enough I'd love to see meth up there like that, but it just aint happening right now. So he needs to stop blaming the listeners cos even if there's just a handful of us wanting to hear his new stuff that's better than nothing, even his mate redman be making shit like there's no tomorrow. So Meth much to him but if you ain't got the fire anymore to spit then yeah retire or switch up your rhyme style, come with a mission you a grown man you don't have to keep chatting about weed , the streets etc etc come with some new shit!! Work with producers you moght mot normally, make A New sound.You got a great voice and flow that would sound sick over music other than just raw hip-hop , even heard meth on a Dnb, grime or jazz track? Dude sounds sick!! Ok I know he ain't reading this but I just wanted to put this out there. Meth stop blaming listeners, we still here maybe we not the mainstream mass but we still hungry for raw meth lyrics so make that shit for us or if you are tired of the art. Then face it and hang up the mic bro. Peace
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