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Park shaolin monk

Worship, The Road, Fresh From The Morgue w/ Rza, Carpet Burns w/ Rza

The Phillie Detriot Zoo album is a GREAT GREAT album.

Yo I got to go wif Bronze. Rza has his legacy already, of course.

If you really listem to Bronze's stuff, it's obvious he's NOT an imitation. He's got a Wu influence and affiliated but goes off in his own way.

Bronze is better lyricist. Yep. I said it. and if you want to argue that one, you haven't listened to Bronze rhymes.

What is missing (and you can thank me for hitting this on the head) is Bronze N doesn't have the MC's Rza had. He has no Meth, no ODB, No Rae, No Ghost....

That's the big difference. If Bronze ad those guys or 5 MC's on that skill-level,we'd be talking legacy vs legacy.
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