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Default Hip-hop mixtape i put 2geva..ClassicS

01.Dysfunkshunal Familee - Commiting Mad Sin
02.Rough House Survivors - We Come To Get Wreck
03.Brotha Life - The Wreck'a
04.Da Bush Babees - Pon De Attack
05.Da Homlez - Hip-Hop Y'all
06.Rough House Survivors - Straight From Da Soul
07.Dead At Birth - I Ain't Got No Money
08.Double X Posse - Not Gonna Be Able To Do It
09.Down South - Lost In Brooklyn
10.Hard 2 Obtain - A Lil Sumthing
11.Mad Lion - Shoot To Kill
12.Private Investigators - Da Stuff Ya Love To Bang Ya head 2
13.Top Quality - I Can't Hear You
14.The Legion - Rest In Peace
15.Ahmad - Back In The Day

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