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Originally Posted by duotone View Post
i'm a mad rza fan in all what he does and did...
as the human and artist i got to go with rza...
but i'm not as hyped by rza projects than by bronze projects (as an musician)
i love soul and bronze brings classic soulsamples to the table like rza did in the past...

rza makes good music, no doubt... i like the black keys colabo and his live instrumentation music but i more like bronze beats b/c of the soul in it...

listn to that beat.. i got the sample and i'm not able to chop it like bronze did...
fuckin impossible...

(to name one!)

RIGHT NOW, Bronze is doing it.
Project after project after project.
Phillies album is just crazy.
But sure enough,The RZA is The Abbot.
Snypa LG
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