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problems black people face today developed after the great afro american migrations across USA. integration was the biggest problem. black people had to move into places that were cheap and near city centres. those places would have lower rates of living and higher crime rates because they were cheaper.

the biggest problem was when white people treated black people like 2nd class citizens.

i dont think afro americans sell drugs because theyre unemployed. where i live people who have left university also have a hard time getting a job but they dont turn into drug dealers.
if ur nice to me robbie ill show u how to use a slide rule.
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at least you fuckin an animal you are giving it pleasure instead of giving it pain.....better karma for you......
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I'm 37 years old, three years away from being 40. I'm getting old but I still feel young. I've had a few people tell me that I look young when I tell them how old iam.

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