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Originally Posted by UNCLE RUCKUS View Post
NAh even Gza admits he rushed that album and wrote the whole thing in a couple of weeks
gza has a rhyme book. most of his lyrics are written years ago but he just connects lines in different ways.

its why you hear his same rhymes in different contexts.


"Rhyme stone, numerous parts combine
Strands of heavy metal form the steel arch design
Fit together seamlessly, everlasting rap
Heat-pressure generated by a blasted cap"


"But the strands of heavy metal seem to have no relation...
Evidence of terrifying threats from heat pressure...
Fit together seamlessly, til you're all gone"

so the individual rhymes werent rushed.

u could say how he connected certain lines together or certain groups of lines together were rushed and i think they definitely were on certain songs such as "7 pounds" but definitely not all his songs.

his songs on pro tools were more conceptual and the lines connected well. gza sometimes has too many freestyle type songs with no real topic.

so overall no his lyrics werent rushed.

his flow was complete shit though.
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at least you fuckin an animal you are giving it pleasure instead of giving it pain.....better karma for you......
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