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JahroamDaGod iron monkeyJahroamDaGod iron monkeyJahroamDaGod iron monkeyJahroamDaGod iron monkey

It's always a sprint to the finish line
while niggas was sniffin white I was given time,
chiselin' eyes on diamond lions, one pencil at a time
dismissed by suspicious dimes as criminally inclined,
they were right
every night I'm out on the rooftops shootin cops with black iron
clueless as to who's firin' at 'em
I close captions with bolt actions,
cold-blooded assassins, promotin' caskets with no passion
with no road map to back this I roam maps as the afroed Atlas,
black robed,
as the past unfolds I make tracklists sampled from sad souls
trample the globe in sandals sans soles,
call me Cobra Commander in this camp surrounded by snow
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