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Originally Posted by Tectrus Moa View Post
It's not just black men being frisk. It's Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and whites. However, the majority of the people being frisk are black and Hispanic.

Actually, I've been dressing casual since I was 20. During my high school years and my freshmen year in college, I dressed like most black men. At a young age, I realized that if I continue to dress like that, my future wouldn't be great. Appearance plays a major role in an individual life when it comes to friendship, career, family, and relationships.

Think about it.
Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
^^^Only if you have low self esteem, like you. People with confidence can dress any way they want and people will still respect them for it. You would think that it's the clothes. That's how completely out of touch with reality you are.

Think about it.


Originally Posted by Tony Bandana View Post
you dont want me coming around dressed in black homie
Originally Posted by TSA View Post
Honestly dude, this is why I want to go to hell. Hell is crackin.
Originally Posted by Crump Diddy View Post
Did I scare you?
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