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Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
What are the odds that 90% of strategic forces at home would be running a simulation drill about planes targeting highrises the day it actually happens, so nobody knows what is happening is real. And then afterwards Rice and Bush had the gall to claim in interviews that they "never considered such a scenario". But, you're probably right. It's probably all just coincidence. Just like the trillion dollars that went missing and was announced by Rumsfeld on September 10th 2001. I'm sure it was coincidence that we were attacked the next day. Larry Silverstein's double indemnity insurance claim taken out on the World Trade Center a week before it was attacked surely had to be coincidence, just as the record number of put options on airline stocks for the week preceding 9-11-2001 was definitely a coincidence as well. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply nuts.

Oh yea, and then there's this:

I'm sure it's just coincidence they achieved all their goals on that day.

Did you grunt and squeal after typing that?

The only ppl still interested in discussing 9/11 are you, Rat poop, and HeatSquad

I just find it hilarious how Everything that has happened since Aurora is false flag and standard drills that these department branches execute on a monthly basis + publicly post on their web calendars are solid evidence of their ulterior motives.

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