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Originally Posted by SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS View Post
Throw back most cats canít purely out sport my javelin options to win are minimal to anything incidental trying trump me out my hotel,
without anything in rear well/
upgraded from Section 8, my peers excel
spreadin thick legs on egyptian sheets, exhale fumes on Microsoft screens
propel caustic speech,
college professors robbin re-tah-ded geez for their odd futures and dodgin deez
stomp streets against hives of bees,
maintain high achieves as the higher chief, the god of grief
burning lime trees trace the shorelines,
Lake Michigan is at war tonight, the poor can't afford to buy peace
hold court with iron pieces against the fiendish hordes,
fired swords riding winged beasts through the sky in the morning
mothers cry in mourning, their eyes-a-bleed crimson
hovering on the brink of death, you won't die without my permission...
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