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PEACE!!!!! back...u know....eye think mah subconshush mind might be damaged by reading the latest posts in this owl leave this thread alone...LOL....but what we learned???

a)People who disagree with knowcheeze in this thread have homosexual fantasies about sticking fruit up mah ass...keep your gay fantasies to yourself fuckin savages!!!!
b)People cannot beat knowcheeze in a fair debate so they have to resort to net stalking and posting up pictures that eye deleted off mah facebook wall like 5 months been net stalking knowcheeze for that long????? really flattered!!! actually glad you did that...but nevertheless....check gonna catch a bad one for that net stalking shit...and for the law enforcement agencies monitoring this shit eye don't mean physical talking like mysteriously dying in your sleep type shit...SIDS for adults...Bunny Wailer on Leslie Kong type shit....enjoy your time here on earth bitch cuz its comming to a close....eye don't know how you got a hold of that shit...maybe it was Hoe-Nique mah pathological liar stinky pussy ex girlfriend...eye mean da bitch prank called me and made fake death threats against her own son....or maybe it was mah ex-ex girlfriend da skinny tortured artist diana ross lookin succubus bitch...or maybe it was mah borderline gay ex facebook friend brandon who is obsessed with anal not sure...all eye can say is eye be real nice to everybody but eye attract these types of people who wanna violate me and then when eye retaliate they start lying on me and om just supposed to take your abuse and still be cool....
c)Simon Hurt is a stinky fuckin creep and a coward...he smells so fuckin bad he gotta put chemicals on his armpits just to make it through a day without being known as "the stinky dude"....he's a fuckin creep because he makes little asshole comments from the safety of internet when in reality in real life he would get stomped da fuck out for acting like that....and he's a coward cuz he cannot even give a location of where he lives....

so yeah....its only right...check out mah youtube channel...this one is entitled "vegan porn"....LOL

also....give mah "Free Lee Boyd Malvo" page that eye just opened up today a seriously trying trying to get a legal fund together to get him out of jail...

in eye said...annandale virginia AKA want it come and get so easy to find....go to george mason there everyfuckin day....eye will go down in history as one of the blackest men to ever walk the planet...and om going to war with alla yaw...

special thanks to D. Projectile and Lord Nose...also eternal praises is due to the Father Alllah(13X) for inadvertently placing self on an equal level with the Gods of the Bible and Quran!!!!!!

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