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Originally Posted by wufu View Post
knowcheeze, u see what i see where i see it from as you found in another thread. if u liked what i was talking about the books i read offered by who u found are the pinnacle of all that stuff and more including breatharian, liquidarian, etc. just read some more amazing stuff tonight and though i'd share here since jericho is breatharian…

all "food" comes from light (the sun and other suns hitting our atmosphere's gasses). plants are crystalized forms of light. we eat plants or light to feed us. in fact, our body doesn't burn food for fuel as we think, the light (food) only stimulates our cells to a vibration. eating higher vibrational foods raises our vibration. example: we need to eat protein to maintain our protein levels - wrong. how does a cow produce rich fat milk when all it eats is grass. how does a bull who pulls the plow to cultivate a field of plants get so strong if all it eats is plants? consuming light (food): the juice (blood) of a plant is a higher vibration than it's stem (bones). so by consuming light by juice we're raised to a higher vibration (juice plants with your teeth, swallow the juice and spit back onto the earth the solid to fertilize the dirt). practice by juicing 1 day/week for a year, then 2 days/week for a year, then 3 days/week for a year until you are 7. but then, a higher vibration of light (food) over the liquid is the air, breath of life, the smells of plants taken in as nutrients, and absorbing sunlight thru the body, child of light, is used to to vibrate your body at a higher level. proof is throughout the universe: solid, liquid, gas.

anciently and most wisely this is what is meant by becoming spiritual (spirit means air): they said that you must be born of water (liquid) and of spirit (air). and fasting is another topic equally amazing…

your body is borne of the light and air from
above, that is, from the mouth and nose; instead of being borne or built from
below, which is the stomach and colon. for that which is borne of the earth must
stay on the earth and that which is borne of those things above the earth shall
have the freedom of the wind and shall come and go wherever it so chooses.

oh, "so obvious" is activating saliva thru words of wisdom after knowledge starts the rhythm then understanding is the reflection.
dayum...once fuckin profound eye can't even comment on it!!!!!! all eye can do is stare in awe....beautiful...the more research eye do on Genesis(jericho) eye cee that he does consume stuff...he does cee salt water flushes...but one video eye saw someone asked him when was the last time he consumed anything and he said "one year ago" even if he does consume shit...going a year on nothing but saliva is nothing to sneeze at....yup....genesis is one of mah major inspirations right about now....he got all his hair with no grey hair...he could whip most peoples asses....its just interview he did he said when he started becoming breatharian he walked around looking for a fight....and it was crazy cuz when eye did mah 10 day fast last summer eye did the same shit....eye was walking all day in sum hefty shorts with mah shirt off looking for a fight....

@HAQ...not trying to sound like a know it all but eye feel as though the dead of winter is actually the perfect time to fast...its defineatly way more pleasant to fast in the spring and summer cuz fasting makes you feel cold....

@hashashin....thats peace!!!!!!
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