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tha least I could do is stay fluent with tha game / Hip Hopcentric, tha verbal pure ‘n’ truist never stray / all these neophytes is as fake as cubic zirconia jewels on oxidated flaky gold-plated chains, wearin’ tight pants / I line up grams of a certain brand, put it in tha nostrils in tha bathroom at McDonald’s, I philosophize Aristotle-like / on tha mic, my aggression addresses children of lesser Gods / I’m on a rap jihad like Hezbelah / we could take it back to Yacub ‘n’ Esau ‘n’ I’ll sell a verse for some lah / spark it ‘n’ start arguments with any MC cuz they all are just larvas, wantin’ to be like me / tha physical, manifestation of tha vocal G-O-D / metaphysic metabolic, hella brolic, gimme tha 9 milli ‘n’ I’ll cock it / permanently spun so I’ma never stop talkin’, tha visual shit seen by your 3rd optic / I follow dope dealers ‘n’ pick pockets for CREAM, rocks ‘n’ heavy wallets / crabs get stabbed by my finely crafted rhymes, I carry picnic baskets packed with extra clips for my tech 9 / sportin’ full metal jackets, spendin’ quality time with my psychoanalyst, mosta my brain damage is organic / Untied Slaves is mostly capitalist, you heard 1 of my rhymes you would never guess that I’m a pacifist / don’t let that title fool ya, I’ll subdue ya, than slowly glide my steel-toe boot up in ya / ethereal like Enya, heart Blacker than tha populous of Kenya ‘n’ I love bitches so much I’ll eat their fuckin’ placenta…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
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