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A hired hero in a dangerous time
cops keep the city busy while they're raising the crime
They turn water into blood through the case of a 9
I turn blood into a drink, have a taste of the wine
The day in the life of mighty S, I suggest is wicked
Where freedom fighters are present, but less committed
Where guns are being taken from the less protected
And weapons are being given to the best connected
Yes, It's topsy turvy and yes, it got me worried
if somebody has to play the villain, I gotta hurry
and switch to the badguy they need me to be
When you dogs hear the ticks, it's not easy to flee
so take cover, like gay lovers, i'm nothing to play, brother
may suffer the same pain, you shouldn't blame others
but yourself when shit hits the fan
my instinct to slam the first threat that I sense with my hands
is a normal reaction, a formal evacu
ation is what you're facin, i'm warning you back up
or the moral to your nearly ending story is bad luck
a tragedy so bad that euphoria can't touch
the maury to crack sluts, truth hurts i know it
a few words to mold it and you'll learn my motive
I'm too stern, the poet that had it all
a swing and i crack a jaw, like playing racquetball with neanderthals
you sick of spokenn? sorry, that's how i get down
so chill, go outside or hit the ocean like chris brown
surfs up, get burnt up, the son shining bright
While i shit on the same faggets you punks rhyming like
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