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you know what i forgot; another one i nearly shit my pants on

played it multiple times but; now its looking well awesome

here is the game play

look how fluid it is.

Leanan as a cleric, with her high Power she makes for a better Caster. for noobs Clerics need speed, not magic. magical strang in healing spells dont matter they based off of maximum health of the target

Dia - 30% one
MeDia - 30% all
Diarama - 60% one
MeDiarama - 60% all
Diarahan - 100% one
Mediarahan - 100% all

...and so forth so they need to be able to act quickly, for the parties need. thats why i use sylph

elements are immune to status effects; high intelligences (means magic resistant) and fast enough to avoid all physical damage, and if she cant; change her to repel physics and gun; and she'll do incredible damge to those stupid enough to attack her, for having low vitality.

I'm such a nerd

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