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Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post

unfortuneatly weed smoke is mah number creativity booster....but that has reached the end of its rope...mah spirit guides have informed self that om gonna have to kill mah weed addiction in order to fullfilll mah destiny...

fruits and vegtables are clearly the best way to boost creativity....

what about you D...whats your #1 creativity booster?
when i sit n ponder n im silent i do feel more creative but i hardly ever take advantage of it tho

Originally Posted by Edgar Erebus View Post
Meditation, but not that commercialized, yogi, fake transcendental, empty-your-mind shit, but simply isolating myself from outside world for a while and letting my mind develop on the issue at hand.

Drugs are useless to me. Maybe I do get awesome ideas, but I lose any motivation to materialize them.
happens to me with weed..i gt thoughts wizzin around but no drive to do anything with it..i just get lost in thought

Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
Well, you do not create. You modify. synthesis and analysis. The more data you input through your senses, the more material you have to manipulate and build things in your mind. So experience new things, places, and people and let it marinate, so you could make new combinations of things.
makes sense

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