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Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
Why do y'all still have cats like rgu still on a site like this calling people niggers?
Crispin Sokuu, hey you sissy boy, I see your butthurt knows no bounds lmao

You was so touched you sensitive girl, that even started to snitch on me in here bwahahahahaaaaaaaa

You EVEN started a new thread about me !!! Attention whore !!!

This is how you live your life? Snitching and posing on the forums by showing fat bitches with cellulitis? Fucking poser!

The MAN taking shots himself in front of a camera! Do you really love yourself so much????

And you call me a faggface? Really?

Now THIS is how a faggface is look like:

I bet you looks the same, thats why you always wear beanie or cap!

Nobody fucks with The Realest fan of Wu, R-G-to the U, two thousand and two !

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