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Originally Posted by REANIMATED View Post
dub step is wack and muggs sucks at it

muggs probably done with it now though since he didnt blow up with it and the label he went through jerked him like a new artist

he can still do this too

id like to hear cormega vs muggs cuz this joint is classic

i think muggs thought he was gonna slide in to dubstep and rock stadiums but dubstep fans think hes a poser which he unfortunately is

hell be ok making classic rap beats for good rappers like o.c. mega and meyhem lauren
I doubt that was his motivation man, Muggs just kind does this shit once in a while, last time it was that weird "Dust" album with the guy from Buckcherry singing all over it. Dude been making hip hop since 7A3 in the 80's I guess he gets bored with it or summin. Last I heard he was working with Mayhem Lauren on some new shit tho so he knows what his bread & butter is
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