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Originally Posted by White N Dangerous View Post
Doctor type MC makin' House Calls, Large Balls be "ya biggest" Downfall
Downed Downers, Drowned Drowners, Crowned Victorious..
but it ain't no "Secret" like Victoria's..
pink isn't my trademark it's White n Dangerous,
Stay High and Take Flight like Kites in the Blazing Sun
Satan's Son AKA Da-mi-en..
Bandit Tactics, make you Examine ya Actions..Sadness is Crafted..
Damn It ta Ashes, Cash Is the Root of all Evil, in Truth so are all People..
Sit back while i kick a sick rap, more fresh then a Tic Tac..Toe
Gift Wrap Flow, that will leave ya in a Big Black Hole, Ill Rap Scrolls
pills packed close,
down rabbit-holes computer crafted flows are impacted with cracked codes
behind my sunglasses lie blood and madness,
iron lungs and digitized combatants fightin for the upper hand on the sons of man
ignite cosmic plan-o-grams,
planet sized grains of sand expand and rubber band through space and time
ellipticals traced in lights,
killers draped in diamonds get cuffed and duct taped to pipes
fuck around and get raped by my rusted knives...
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