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Originally Posted by Slick View Post
well other then the obvious production, delivery and lyrics to elaborate more...i would say stay within the original formula but put your own spin on it. have talent and substance. speak the truth. clever and interesting record samples. wise beat selection. take time to craft your work and make sure your soul is in it and that what you are saying applies to who you really are and how you really feel. respect the art and those that paved the way. utilize different concepts that are outside the norm and not over used like crime, sex, drugs, cars, clubs, money...
Not bad priorities at all.

What makes a "wise beat selection" for you? I'm thinking that what really makes a wise beat selection is simply how a rapper uses it. (raps over/with it) I'm thinking any beat can be a wise selection it just depends how the rapper uses it.

Granted, I guess there are wack beats that aren't good no matter how a rapper uses it. I'm also thinking that depending on the lyrical content, the beat CAN reflect the mood of it. Look at Eminem's "Rock Bottom" for example or Cage's "The Soundtrack".
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