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Originally Posted by V1LLAIN View Post
Agreed his worst album to date, was really looking forward to this album. But from the corny hooks to his boring lyrcis it just put me to sleep. NOTHING GRIMY ABOUT THIS ALBUM EXCEPT THE ALBUM COVER, UNCLE HOWIE LOOKS CRACKED THE FUCK UP. HE LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO SELL LIL BABY BILL FOR A FIX. SUPER CRACKHEAD

That chessy as fuck Primo kiss ass track had me wanting to hang

Bill just seems to do his best work on NECRO prodution where he's nowhere to be found on this album.
I would rap over a couple of hobo's banging trash cans together as the beat before I would even speak to that Douchebag Necro.......Ill Bill will always have my respect for the simple fact that he grew up with dude and somehow resisted the urge to murder him in his sleep..... I know it must have been hard not to, Ill Bill's self control>>>>>> My self control
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