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Originally Posted by Shaolin Bloody Sword View Post
You an idiot ! He sucks so much that OG's like Lord Finesse, Mf Doom, Madlib & Lewis Parker are endorsing him. He's all over radio stations in NY. You an ass wipe who's almost 40 and still works in a warehouse. The kid is ill & he is the future of Hip-hop; point blank. BTW Jay-Z wouldn't be all over his nuts if he wasn't dope.
Cite your sources.

Joey Bada$$ has rapped over beats by all the producers you have mentioned but none of them have not "endorsed" him. The only members of D.I.T.C. I have seen "endorse" Joey Bada$$ are Diamond D and DJ Premier (If you regard him as a member of D.I.T.C.).
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