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It's been a while so, here goes. I'll try to keep these in chronological order but no garuantees.

Yet another bus I've ridden. I'm the baldy dude with glasses next to the blue hair. The dog is the father of my dog. His name is Tweak.

Cricket and I getting drunk in Virginia maybe? It was either Virginia or Kentucky, I can't remember.

That is my dog, Gretl, when she first got her sweater. She's much larger now, over 60 lbs. Pitbull/boxer/black lab/catahoula leopard hound.

This is us getting getting drunk in the train engine on our way to upstate New York. If you work for the railroad, this picture has been severely photo-shopped.

Abandoned hotel squat we stayed in for a few days. It was super pimpin' and we decorated the fuck out of that place by the time we left. Words do not explain.

Me, cooking err'ybody some burgers. That's Jack checking for scraps.

This is all of us in the Catskills, camping by a river and drinking whaskey, hot damn, tell you what.

No lame filter, that red is from throwing a road flare in the fire. It's pretty awesome. If you get a chance, I suggest trying it.

Playing Magic: The Gathering (fuck yeah) with some kids we just met in a parking lot.

They let us in this sweet ass transportation museum fo' free. This is me and a fren on an old caboose. How the fuck they got the caboose, a boxcar, and a fucking engine inside this building the middle of nowhere is beyond me.

This is an old abandoned train tunnel me and some other kids lived in for a lil' while. This is when I was in the height of my alcoholism and waking up shaking with electric bones every single morning. This is also where I got the shit kicked out of me for daring some kids to kick my ass when I was blacked-out. Did not go well for me.

This is me in the Cherokee National Forest. This is the morning after all hell broke loose at Goat Camp (nigger what?). Two girls started fighting, I tried breaking it up whilst naked, I bit somebody, got punched in the face, etc. You can't see it, but my left hand is covered in burns from saving one of the fighting girls from falling into the fire and in the process, stuffing my hand in the embers. Had it not been for prudent first aid and continued care from some folks, I probably would have lost my fingers to staph infection.

These two are older, but this is the order I found them so, deal with it.

But...I want to sit down...

That's me huffing processed and refined remains of prehistoric creatures. 'Murica.

And these last ones are the most recent.

From left; Reggie, Peter, Bearfoot, and I.

My dog and I at my father's house.
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