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Originally Posted by drippie k View Post
Well first, I'll always be a bigger Nas fan. I got this when it came out, same with Illmatic, this was when they were throwin shots at eachother so there's that. I remember people arguing who was better for the longest time. Jigga that Nigga and Hola Hovito were the main ones I skipped. Just didn't like them. I know it'll sound biased but I didn't like Takeover either. Didn't feel the beat and the parts goin 'LAAMMMMEEE' were pretty weak to me. Renegade is only good for Eminem's part. Even Royce da 5'9 out did Jay on the original version. Not a classic at all or crazy good like people say it is, he's had better albums.

Dirty Money is the shit all the way through. I think this and Ridin Dirty are their best two cd's. It's underrated to me because It's 5 years after Ridin Dirty, no one really checked for it and it's a hard hitting album nonstop. They got some reggae soundin shit with Gipp from Goodie Mob, storytellin' with Devin the Dude, Like a Pimp with Three 6 got some cool lil scratches, the ups and downs of cash flow on the title track and let's not forget Wood Wheel. Probably my favorite track by UGK period.
Fair enough bro, but I LOVE that Takeover beat. Sampling The Doors' "Five To One" was pure genius! It's hard hitting and aggressive like a diss track should be.

Cool, I'll definitely have to check out "Dirty Money" then.
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