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Pick up the chisel and build again
black face and silver-skinned,
I am a bewildering blend of civilization and sin
spit glistening webs of evil dread,
blistered and eaten flesh stitched together with venomous thread
exaggerated features of the reaching dead,
stagger the streets blind, eager to be fed
intravenous deceit,
blunt needles breathing poisonous smoke
high tolerance treatment invoked,
each demon that spoke became the voices of ghosts
I don't sleep, walk the halls in silence
walls collide, each out of alignment
my shadow twitches in the darkness, I start firin'
close my open irises,
this close to the lion's den I came to know I am Osirus
born in the village of Midas, I am brother to Orion
the blood of Titans, the son of tyrants
at birth I touched the horizon,
I am the burned among white men
spark sticks and cough thick clouds of flies like phlegm,
my kin are now a dying breed
the identifying markers are five genes,
traced in triangular shapes in our DNA sequentially...
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