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ok so i jus want yall to know that i understand that i might catch some heat 4 this but......Ima have to give this album a 10/10. Been listenin non stop since my nigga sent me a leak a couple days b4 the album dropped. My real copy came in last week and i honestly didnt mind payin $22 at this point. My one gripe about the album upon my first few listens 2 this album was that i felt as though there was no sonic flow to the album and that this was just a whole bunch of great material thrown together. Now after about 20+ listens to this album (yea shit goes hard on the ride to/from work) i must say that there is a perfect sonic flow. The album is a journey of sorts from the hood dramas, too exploring both ancient and present day religions and theories to outer space aliens and beyond. I know some heads will gripe about the lack of wu-element production on here but i feel that this album is his best produced album as well. Opening is classic, new reality is classic, street thesis is classic...brilliantaire(even though i heard it years ago it seems), the park. energy work... and so many more and those are all on disc 1..... Id rank killah Priest work 1. P.W.O.W.R. 2. Heavy Mental 3. The offering 4. Black August 5. The Exorcist.
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