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wufu grasshopper

probiotic is what this is. and it's the "craze" right now. if u make homemade stuff yourself like kambucha, fermented lemonade, saurkraut, ginger ale, pickles, etc. (sp? on all of that) you are allowing lacto ferment to happen. if u make saurkraut for example the cabbage is submerged in salt water and it lacto ferments into saurkraut. but if a piece floats above the salt water (brine) then it starts to grow dark nasty cadaverous mold. so all that lacto fermented stuff mentioned above allows healthy bacteria to grow - it's bacteria that's on our skin, skins of fruit and veggies, etc. oxygen allows for cadavering so being submerged disallows cadavering. also that good stuff is in our stomach called flora when we take it in. in old times people always had a glass of beer, wine, or something fermented with a meal because it helps break down the food in the stomach. Peace
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